Today’s the last day of blog … goodbye!

It’s been a great year. My house is a lot more livable now than it was a year ago, and it’s still getting better (albeit slowly). I had a fantastic time having Wyatt up to visit for a good chunk of the year. I brewed my first ever batch of beer. Got a respectable amount of baking done considering how many months I lived without a kitchen. Tapped some syrup and planted a few fruit trees. Floated peacefully past a beautiful scene in the boundary waters gazing at a lone wolf on the shore until I broke the silence by shouting at Karl and Megan to look over at it, and scared it away 🙂 Had lots of adventures with plenty of excellent folks.

It’s been great fun having people reading and posting comments. Thank you all!! It wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun without you.

I will now add to my list of projects printing these things and binding them. I shall tentatively plan to do the same thing again in ten years.

Thanks again for reading, and Cheers!!



5 Responses to “11.12.2009”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you, yet so sad for myself.
    Can’t wait to see how the photos look once they’re bound.

  2. duboisj Says:


    You’ve got a standing invite to check out the bound version anytime!

  3. Aaron Grunfeld Says:

    I’m really sad that you’re not posting anymore. Thanks for doing this, it was a real pleasure to see & hear what you’re up to on a daily basis for a year. Maybe you could keep us in the loop once a week or so?

  4. andrew Says:

    *clamors for more*

  5. Joe Dempsey Says:

    All good things….

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